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iAnnuityRates details
iAnnuityRates offer information and news on the UK’s best annuity rates, annuities guidance and also features a free annuity calculator.

Advantage Insurance Network details
Offers life insurance and annuities for insurance agents, for the purposes of reselling.

Annuities details
Fixed annuities, insurance annuities, charitable gift annuities variable annuities, a guide to all annuities.

Annuities, Leads details
Retirement annuity and how to calculate rates.

Annuity Buyer’s Guide details
Guide To Fixed Deferred Annuities With Appendix For Equity Indexed Annuities.

Annuity Calculator details
An immediate income annuity quote instantly online! There is no cost for this service and no agent will contact you.

Annuity Commissions details
Annuity Commission.

Annuity MD details
Annuity information, traveler life annuity rates, fixed annuity quote, variable annuity quote, tax deferred immediate annuity investment, retirement planning, equity index annuity, pension annuity.

Annuity Museum details
Online collection of historical annuity documents, letters, ephemera, and memorabilia.

Annuity Shopper details
Published regularly since 1986, the Annuity Shopper is the nation’s leading guidebook and resource on Single Premium Immediate Annuities (SPIA’s)!